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Heidi Chou

Second Generation Homeschooler

I am a homeschool mom to two kids. Had I known kids were so fun, I would have had more. Fortunately, now I can skip all the messy kid-raising parts and just have fun teaching other people’s kids! I love teaching all kinds of subjects, whether it be language arts, art, history, science, geography, math, etc. After a while, I discovered that clear communication is one of the most important tools we can give our children to prepare them for the world. In our journey through life, we will encounter many different people and situations. In each of these scenarios, being able to express our thoughts articulately will often prove critical for us to be successful in our homes, careers, and in society. It is my passion to equip and inspire kids to find their voice and place in this ever-changing world.

I grew up on a farm in sunny California where I learned the importance of interest-led learning through growing vegetables, raising animals, doing chores on the farm, and running the family business. I’ve always loved learning, because I was able to see the FUN in everything! However, I often see kids complain or struggle whenever it was time to learn. It’s always been my mission to make learning relatable, fun, and engaging because I believe kids learn more when they care and are interested.

Fun fact: I enjoy sunsets, bunnies, tiramisu, and boba milk tea!

Heidi Chou
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