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A mini-lesson that will immediately help your kids become better communicators!



55 minutes per class


$100 per student

4-12 Students Per Camp

Speech Writing & Public Speaking Camp


4x  per week over 1 week


In this week long camp, learners will get to practice public speaking skills in several different ways. 

Day 1: We will break down different types of speeches (informative, demonstrative, persuasive, etc) and how to identify them. Then we will explore how a speech should be formatted and keys to making it interesting to your audience. Homework: Learners will pick a topic for their speech and begin researching.

Day 2:  We will discuss what it means to be "conversational" in writing.  We will also dive into what makes a good speaker, and practice tips on pacing, posture, volume and much more.  Homework: Learners will start writing their speech. 

Day 3:  We will put our new skills in use with impromptu speeches (curating and delivering a speech without time to prepare) and will also introduce beginner debate skills. 

Day 4: Learners will present their prepared speech to the class!

Being comfortable speaking in public is an invaluable asset for any future career. My hope is that by giving learners practice in a small group environment at a young age, they will gain the confidence and beginning skills that they can use all throughout life!


What a wonderful course! My daughter loved it and now wants to take the debate course!

My daughter really enjoyed this class! From the first day of camp, she was motivated to do research and improve her writing. Elizabeth gave her constructive feedback that helped her improve and also boosted her confidence to give her speech. Looking forward to taking another class!

With clear instruction, practice, and positive encouragement from the teacher, my 11yr old learned how to delivered an effective speech in just days. 

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