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Speech Writing & Public Speaking 101

Conquer your fear of public speaking in this exciting class! We will learn how to format, write, and present an interesting speech. Learners will practice impromptu speeches in every class and wrap it up by presenting a full speech!



8-13 years old 


4-8 learners per class

Elizabeth Green

Hello! I'm Elizabeth Green. I'm honored to lead a small group of teachers with a passion for helping kids learn how to communicate confidently and effectively in public speaking situations.

We all have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree with a focus on communications (Broadcast Journalism, Theater, Public Relations, etc). We have won numerous awards, competitions and national titles in public speaking and debate.


Charged Upfront -

24 per class


Meets 1x per week


Over 4 weeks


55 minutes per class


Public Speaking is the #1 fear for most adults. Our goal is to face that fear head-on and turn it into a fun adventure!

              We'll unravel the secrets of different speech types, like informative, demonstrative, and persuasive. We'll equip you with the superpower to identify them with ease. We'll also unveil the 3 things every speech needs to captivate an audience.

     Homework for the day? Choose a topic for your speech and dive into research mode.

It's is all about unlocking your conversational prowess. We'll explore the magic of weaving words together in a way that feels like a genuine conversation. We'll also unveil the secrets of a great speaker, sharing tips on pacing, posture, volume, and much more. Get ready to unleash your inner performer!

       For homework, it's time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and start crafting your own awe-inspiring speech.

It's is where the real excitement begins. We'll put your newly acquired skills to the test with impromptu speeches—thrilling moments where you'll curate and deliver a speech on the spot, with no time to prepare! Brace yourself for the unexpected and embrace the thrill of speaking on your feet. We'll also introduce you to the thrilling world of beginner debate skills. 

For homework you will put the finishing touches on your speech and practice it. 

Lights, camera, action! You will take the floor and present your speech to the class in a super supportive environment. You might even realize that you enjoyed the butterfly feeling as much as the round of applause at the end!

Get ready to unleash your inner orator and embark on an adventure that will forever transform your speaking abilities. The stage awaits, and you're the star of the show!

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4

This class can also be offered within 1 week as a camp upon request so please review the individual section listings for the timing that works for you. 

Available Timings

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Time Commitment

Learners will write a speech independently after instruction on how to do so. Learners should plan to spend 1-2 hours outside of class on this project.

External Resources

Learners will not need to use any apps or websites beyond the standard tools.


Learners will write a speech independently after instruction on how to do so. Learners should plan to spend 1-2 hours outside of class on this project.

Learning Goals

Being comfortable speaking in public is an invaluable asset for any future career. My hope is that by giving learners practice in a small group environment at a young age, they will gain the confidence and beginning skills that they can use all throughout life!


right (1).png
Great class! Teacher keeps students engaged. My son learned several speech and public speaking skills.
right (1).png
With clear instruction, practice, and positive encouragement from the teacher, my 11yr old learned how to delivered an effective speech in just days.
right (1).png
These classes were very worth it.. the teacher gave very clear explanations.. and she was awesome!
right (1).png
My 11 year old daughter loved this class! She found Elizabeth to be very engaging. She learned a lot, and loved that the first two classes built to the last class where students gave their speeches. We would recommend this class!
right (1).png
My two boys enjoyed the class and learned a lot. I loved that they enjoyed class and even enjoyed the "work" they needed to do to prepare for class.
right (1).png
Great class, very interactive. The Teacher did an excellent job- closely monitored my daughter’s progress & provided motivation. Would highly recommend.
right (1).png
My daughter really enjoyed this class! From the first day of camp, she was motivated to do research and improve her writing. Elizabeth gave her constructive feedback that helped her improve and also boosted her confidence to give her speech. Looking forward to taking another class
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