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A mini-lesson that will immediately help your kids become better communicators!


Pre-recorded course available for purchase

1)  10 videos (Approx 10 min each)

2) One Kahoot game / 1 Written Activity

3)  Speech Outline PDF


$30 per family

*Group pricing available

Speech Writing & Google Slides Presentation Course


In this pre-recorded course, your learners will gain experience in writing and delivering an entertaining and effective speech with the support of a Google Slide Presentation.


In today's world, being able to present ideas virtually is increasingly important. These skills will help with school assignments, creativity and much more.

This course is set up to last 4 weeks, with the expectation that your student will spend 1-3 hours per week watching the videos and completing the assignments. It can easily be shortened or extended to work with your schedule. 

Please note that there will be times in the videos where we mention turning in assignments, etc. However, this course does not include teacher feedback or support.


  • Week 1 - This week we will focus on the different types of speeches (informative, demonstrative, persuasive and entertaining). We will talk about how to identify the purpose of a speech, and see examples of each. We will cover how to format a good speech. Students will begin working on a speech by drafting an outline.

  • Week 2 - This week, we will focus on another important part of speech writing, called writing for the ear. We will cover what this means and exactly how to do it. Learners will be provided text to re-write it in a conversational format. Learners will spend this week turning their speech outline into a full speech.


  • Week 3 - This week, we will learn how to use supporting imagery for the speech and presentation. I will teach on Google Slides, but learners can use Keynote or Power Point as the programs are very similar. We will learn not just how to create a slideshow, but how to create an effective and engaging slideshow with bullet points, images and even videos. We will also add animations and transitions to make the presentation more visually interesting.


  • Week 4 - Finally, we will cover what makes a good speaker and tips for presenting a speech. Bonus: Learners will also learn how to record their presentation! 

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What a wonderful course! My daughter loved it and now wants to take the debate course!

My daughter really enjoyed this class! From the first day of camp, she was motivated to do research and improve her writing. Elizabeth gave her constructive feedback that helped her improve and also boosted her confidence to give her speech. Looking forward to taking another class!

With clear instruction, practice, and positive encouragement from the teacher, my 11yr old learned how to delivered an effective speech in just days. 

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