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Getting Kids to Listen The First Time with Ann Kaplan

May 9, 2023

In this premier episode of our podcast, we sit down with Parent Coach Ann Kaplan with her key strategy to getting your kids to listen the first time (yes, it's possible!) without threatening, bribing, bargaining, or lecturing. 

She shares her insights and strategies on how we should communicate with our children about expectations, and even more challenging, when we shouldn't. Ann boils this down to communicating clear expectations and enforcing consequences. Her unique strategy also includes a "no reminders" rule.

Whether your kids are toddlers or tweens, this podcast is packed with practical tips and advice on how to improve your communication with your children and create a calmer home environment. Join us as we learn from Ann Kaplan and discover new ways to get kids to listen the first time.

Find Ann's workbook for more implementation tips here.  

Get a free mini lesson plus 52 prompts so your kids can practice every week here!

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