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Intro to Public Speaking & Debate

In this ongoing class, young learners will have the opportunity to practice their public speaking and debate / argumentation skills with fun and easy topics.


30 minutes per class

Once per week

7-11 year olds

4-6 learners per class



This engaging class was specifically created for young learners that would like to learn how to debate in a fun and easy environment. Please note that we have another Beginner Debate class with more complex debate topics. See details below.

The class will start by giving the students an impromptu question in which they will answer in a speech format (full sentences and format). The more often they do this, the better they will get a being able to think on their feet and turn those thoughts into effective and compelling conversations and speeches.
The second half of the class will be spent practicing debate skills. We will debate a different idea each week and every learner will be given the opportunity to share their initial thoughts and debate the opposite side in a rebuttal round. This class will include easy and light-hearted debate topics (are dogs better than cats, etc) that do not require any preparation.

Please note this is an asynchronous ongoing class. Learners can start or stop anytime. We always give a brief overview at the start of class for new learners and send an intro video after enrollment so they know what to expect. This is a subscription-based class, so you will be charged every Sunday to save your seat for the following week. You can stop the subscription at any time.

All of our teachers have collegiate-level debate and coaching experience. Please see specific class time options for teacher info.

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