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Intermediate Debate

In this ongoing class, learners will be able to expand their public speaking and debate skills in a team debate! This is a level 2 class.


55 minutes per class

Once per week

8-13 year olds

4-10 learners per class



In this class, learners will be able to consistently practice their public speaking and debate skills through team debating. This class is designed for learners who are moving up from our Beginner class or have had some prior debate experience.

Learners will be given the debate resolution a week prior to class. (If you are joining mid-week, please message us for the topic). They will not be assigned a team or a side (affirmative or negative) or a team until the start of class. Learning how to debate for either side regardless of their personal opinions improves their skills, but also encourages more thorough research.
At the start of class, teams will be assigned randomly and be moved to a monitored breakout room to prepare and plan their debate.

After the prep time, the class will come together to debate. The debate style in this class is more formal than the Beginners version of this class. Learners will have a role (cross-examiner, closer, etc) and an allotted amount of time to present their case. After the debate has concluded, the teacher will provide feedback to both sides and declare a winner.

If it's not a full class, the class will start by giving the students a random topic to practice impromptu speaking. They will then have 5 minutes to curate a speech (no research needed) and deliver it during the class. The more often they do this, the better they will get a being able to think on their feet and turn those thoughts into effective and compelling conversations and speeches. If it's a full class, all time will be spent in preparation and debate.

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