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A mini-lesson that will immediately help your kids become better communicators!



Once per week over 8 weeks


$200 per student

Public Speaking & Debate 101 - Beginner to Competitor


50 minutes per class


This class will combine class discussion of different debate skills and strategies (15 minutes) with an opportunity to both debate and evaluate rounds each week (40 minutes). Students will have a week to look over a new topic each week and prepare arguments for either side of their topic.  When students are not debating, they will be asked to observe and provide feedback for student rounds. 


In this class students will develop the following skill sets through discussion and application:

·  Listening for comprehension

·  Summarizing thoughts and ideas.

·  Argument construction

·  How to make a persuasive argument (Claim, Warrant, Impact)

·  How to weigh competing claims based on the impact of their truth (Magnitude, probability, Time Frame)

·  Strategies for effective public speaking delivery (verbal, nonverbal, and specific online strategies)

·  Learning to see contrasting viewpoints with an open mind.

·  Effective research skills


In today’s world students can't always look to adults to teach them how to have discourse on topics in an articulate, logical or civil manner.  Take a glance at any internet forum and students are left to sift through unwarranted arguments and memes between competing sides that refuse to consider the other’s perspective.  If students are going to learn how to form their own beliefs or how to articulate them in a persuasive way, then debate education is necessary.  This class will use discussion and application to help students with this journey.



·  Students will need to respect other’s opinions and ideas.  Personal attacks or bullying will not be a part of this experience. 

·  Students will be expected to at minimum think about the upcoming week’s topic before attending their next class. 

·  Student’s will be expected to try to complete a speech of two minutes in each class and participate in class discussions.   

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